Japan Shopping Guide Shufoo!


Terms of Service

Please read the following Terms of Service of “JAPAN Shopping Guide Shufoo! (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) carefully before using the Service.

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) shall consider use of the service to imply the consent of the individual user (hereinafter, the “User”) to the Terms of Service, and the terms of this agreement will thereafter apply to the User and the Company.

1. System Requirement

The following requirements are recommended for using the Service. The Service may not be correctly provided when used in requirements which are not included on the following table. Moreover, the requirements which are included on the following table may not ensure to be used the Service depending on these settings.

  OS Browser
PC Windows Windows7 Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher,
Firefox latest version,
Google Chrome latest version
Macintosh OS X Safari 7.0 or higher
Smartphone Android Android 4.0 or higher Standard browser
(Android browser or Google Chrome)
iOS iOS7.0 or higher Standard browser(Mobile Safari)
♦ Use of Javascript
In order to provide the User with an optimal Service, this Service uses JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings in order to use the Service conveniently. In addition to the requirements recommended in the above table, the User will be responsible for and bear the expense(s) of providing necessary equipments including software and means of communication in order to use the Service. The Company shall not be in any way liable for preparations or methods relating to the User’s use of the Service.

2. Information Obtained by the Service

The following information will be automatically collected by the Service for the purposes of providing proper information and service and optimizing the usefulness of the Service. However, the Company will not use the information to identfy a single person.

  1. (1) An unique identifier and device information to identify the User’s device
    Purpose of use: To identify the User’s device when using the Service
  2. (2) Information on web browsing history
    Purpose of use: To improve the Service, correct flaws and bugs of the Service and assist in data analysis

3. Changes to the Terms of Service

If deemed necessary by the Company, the Terms of Service may be changes and modified without prior notice to the User.

4. Changes to Service Contents

Regarding the Service, contents may be changed, stopped or discontinued to be provided if deemed necessary by the Company, except when the purpose of using personal information is changed. In the event that the Company changes, stops or discontinues contents of the Service, the Company will bear no liabilities toward the User.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights related to programs that constitute the Service and all contents provided by the Service are the property of the Company, or the providers of the contents, and are protected by law.

6. Prohibitions

The User is not permitted to engage in the activities the Company recognizes as any of the following:

  1. (1) Using the Service in a manner that is not approved by the Company
  2. (2) Using the Service for commercial purposes, in a manner that exceeds the scope of personal use
  3. (3) Making any modifications to the Service without permission
  4. (4) Engaging in activities that violate, or may violate, the rights (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights such as copyrights) of the Company or third parties
  5. (5) Libeling or defaming the Company or third parties
  6. (6) Posting information, documents or graphics whose contents violate public order and morality to others
  7. (7) Intentionally entering false information
  8. (8) Harassing the Company or third parties
  9. (9) Engaging in acts linked to criminal activities
  10. (10) Interfering with the operation of the Service, or engaging in acts that could damage the reputation of the Company
  11. (11) Engaging in acts that violate any other laws, regulations, public order and morality, or the Terms of Service

7. Alter of the Service

The User may not copy, alter, modify, or engage in secondary use of the contents of the Service. The User also may not reverse-engineer, disassemble or attempt to decipher any source code of the programs that make up the Service, or transfer or license such code to third parties.

8. Transactions with Content Providers

The Company shall not involve itself in, or assume any liability for, transactions based on contents including advertisements provided in the Service. The User should use his/her own judgment regarding the utility and safety of transactions, and assume all responsibility for his/her own transactions.

9. Extent of Liability

The User shall assume responsibility for his/her own use of the Service. The Company makes no guarantees regarding the contents (including the authenticity of the information, its accuracy, usefulness, safety, timeliness, legality, suitability to the needs of the User, and whether the information is in violation of the rights of a third party), conditions of provision, accessibility or the conditions of use.

10. Indemnification

All claims and demands arising from the User’s access to or use of the Service, violation of the Terms of Service, or infringement on the rights of third parties will be resolved at the User’s expense. Additionally, the User will be held liable in the case that the Company sustains losses or damages relating to such claims or restitution.

11. Governing Laws and Legal Jurisdiction

The Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to all disputes between the Company and the User related to the Service or the Terms of Service.